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In the philosophical tradition, opposition has the status of a principle of being.

Already in ancient Greece of the 6th century BC. they dealt with it. The contrast still plays an essential role in theoretical thinking about the world, the principles ruling in it and being human.

Limited | Unlimited goes back to Pythagoras: he defined the fundamental opposite of the unlimited and the limited.

In this issue we confront ourselves and our readership with the limited and the unlimited in art, science and life; show that both have their right to exist and that it is above all the many nuances of the "in between" or "both and as well" that open up possibilities that are logically difficult to grasp, but can be accepted with an open heart without resistance.

In the case of Arnaldo Pomodoro , for example, the reversal of filled and empty volume becomes the starting point for a sculpture. As an artist , Kiki Kogelnik is ahead of her time and in her work creates dissolution of boundaries through expansion. Author Markus Orths is writing a novel based on the life of Max Ernst , who, as a person and artist, is always pushing his own limits. The Madagascan Joël Andrianomearisoa convinces in his solo exhibition at the MACAAL in Marrakech by overcoming the fragile border between art and craft.

With her project »One Million« , Uli Aigner sets a clearly defined goal that nonetheless conveys the feeling of infinity. Antonio Ligabue leads a life of absolute extremes, always on the limit and becomes a tragic expressionist.

Violin maker Martin Schleske finds the most beautiful sound in the »harmony of opposites«. Eva and Ralf Leinemann show the exciting facets of an art collection with a focus on »under construction«.

In the end, it is often the ignorance, the inexplicable, the new between the opposites, the conscious exploration of extremes that has the inherent power to overwhelm people. Enjoy limited unlimited.

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