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BL8D is a magazine-researcher for fashion designers and creators that analyzes various culturological cliches and produces new semantic constructions based on them; those ones that are able to create an up-to-date fashion product.

The second issue is dreams, musings and of course dialogues about the Future.

It is dedicated to all those who are right now experiencing a crisis of self-identification and for whom the question of the Future, its very possibility, directly depends on the answer to the question “Who am I?”

In the issue, just like in the first one, a special place is given to the War in Ukraine, to how war destroys the Present, changes the attitude towards the Past and triggers irreversible processes of both a general humanitarian and a deep internal crisis.

For the visual design of the chapters, a unique concept of sleep was chosen, since sleep is not only fantasy, but also therapy, a place where you can meet your fears, dreams and find answers to the most painful questions.

This issue was created already in Italy, where we moved in September 2022 from Estonia.

The issue is called And the Ship Sails On (E la nave va) in honor of the famous film by Federico Fellini; one of the chapters has the same name.

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