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Dazed Autumn 2023 - BEYOND BORDERS issue

For the first of our five covers of Autumn 2023 BEYOND BORDERS issue, talking to the singer alongside friends and collaborators, we reflect on the fearless artistry of a star who’s pursuing the riskiest of paths to pop immortality. Rosalia wears silk brocade top and skirt and silver earrings Acne Studios , silk and tulle bra Studio Pia

Our second cover of the Autumn 2023 BEYOND BORDERS issue, the undisputed Queen of Dancehall reflects on her wild ride to the top.

The third cover of Dazed Autumn 2023 with Jungkook wearing all clothes and accessories Balenciaga Winter 2023 and Spring 2024 collections

Simz City. A hip-hop star ‘cut with a different scissor’, Little Simz lit new fires under British rap with her fourth album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert and its stripped-down successor, No Thank You.

Drawing strength from her creative family to explore new chapters in print and on screen, the only question left to answer is: what version of herself will she be next?

Quen Blackwell faux fur coat ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER, polyester mesh top and skirt COURRÈGES, Tiffany HardWear gold earrings TIFFANY & CO

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