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As the autumn equinox approaches, Brillo undergoes a transformation, unveiling Brillo16, the latest edition where fashion takes centre stage. 

World so multifaceted and fascinating, from which our reality gets contaminated daily thanks to numerous collaborations with brands and sector companies, a theme dear to us that we want to honour with our very personal “love letter”.

From the cover to the last page, fashion will be an elegant lady accompanying us on this journey.

Starting with an amarcord retrospective of pivotal events and traditions that shaped its history, we’ll then spotlight the significant role of fashion illustration, both historically and in contemporary times. As always, we will have dialogues with young emerging fashion artists and illustrators to get to know their story and discover their art.

We’ll step into the revamped abode of Linea Daria and her expressive collections. Additionally, expect an opulent exploration of the globe’s most lavish designer beach clubs, from Capri to the Maldives. Gracing the pages of Brillo is our new column, Let’s bloom the topic, a verdant space for cultivating ideas. Here, garden designer Matteo Foschi will regularly share his insights on the diverse themes and worlds we traverse, always with a keen regard for the environment and the wonders of the natural realm.

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