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A limited edition book published by Acne Studios and imagined by creative director Jonny Johansson.

A visual ode to his long-time friend Magnus Carlsson’s creative energy and fashion archive. Since 2008, Magnus has been curating the atmosphere of the Acne Studios showrooms and our Stockholm headquarters at Floragatan 13.

During all these years, he has not worn the same ensemble twice. ‘My Friend Magnus’ showcases over 200 of Magnus’ outfits in raw and informal photographs captured by his friends and colleagues.

The publication features a foreword by creative director Jonny Johansson and words by fashion journalist Angelo Flaccavento.

  • Published by Acne Studios
  • Hardcover paper book
  • Measurements: 30 cm; 40 cm
  • ISBN: 9789198864403

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Casa Editrice: Acne Studios
Lingua: Inglese
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