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For this second issue, dedicated entirely to the house of Mugler, we've taken our investigative approach even further.

Labels are our gateway to unexplored fashion stories.

We traveled to the four corners of France to track down over fifty former Mugler employees. Élisabeth, the workshop manager, Alain, the first associate, Mic, the boutique manager, Jean-Jacques, the press attaché, Véra, the marketing director and all the others, each confided in us their memories of their time at Mugler.

It is their stories and their archives - unpublished documents often stored in a cellar or displayed on a bedside table - that fill this issue entirely dedicated to the house of Mugler. Their stories deserve to be read.

This second issue of Griffé is 176 pages long, 50 pages longer than the first issue to give more space to images. As fashion knows no borders, the magazine is available in French and English.

Investigations, portraits, biographies and chronologies tell an untold story of the house of Mugler, from its inception to the present day. You'll discover the strategies implemented over the decades, the challenges met and the crises overcome.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2023
Lingua: Francese/Inglese
Pagine: 174
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