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Issue #44 – Winter 2023/2024: “EDGLRD”

IRINA SHAYK glitters for SEAN AND SENG styled by RAS BARTRAM. SHUMON BASAR measures the calculated contradictions of the current MIU MIU moment and ALMA LEANDRA brings the heritage of MONCLER into the night.

In a birthday letter to ISA GENZKEN, CLAIRE KORON ELAT explains why the artist is an it-girl, VICTORIA CAMBLIN discovers the monsters that haunt TAKASHI MURAKAMI, and SVEN MICHAELSEN uncovers why money is so important to DAMIEN HIRST.

JOHANNA ADORJÁN learns how to not kill yourself from writer CLANCY MARTIN and SHANE ANDERSON speaks to philosopher MATTEO PASQUINELLI about the social history of AI. Styled by NASTYA KLYCHKOVA, VITALI GELWICH shoots SIMONA KUST before (or after?) a crash. ADRIANO SACK climbs a volcano with artist JULIAN CHARRIÈRE and JACQUELINE LANDVIK provides us with two editorials that exemplify that before streetwear there was clubwear, and before clubwear there was the classic.

Plus: the X-files introduce us to the Anti-Adult ANDREJ DÚBRAVSKÝ, Spiritual Seeker JAMES BLAKE, Hardcore Lovers BRUTALISMUS 3000, Time Watcher MATTHEW M. WILLIAMS, Club Mourner TONY COKES, Baroque Punks BILLY BULTHEEL and ALEXANDER IEZZI (33), Utopian Poet EILEEN MYLES, Luggage Cult Leader EMELIE DE VITIS, and High Heel Mogul AMINA MUADDI of the 032c universe; and, as always, the BERLIN REVIEW rounds out the issue with our favorite books of the season.

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