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Men’s charme at its best.

Quentin Demeester

Young and fit, tall and handsome; French model Quentin Demeester is favored by numerous fashion houses for his chiseled face, fine physique and slightly melancholic aura. Besides modeling, Quentin is also a keen motorcyclist and skateboarder. Lensed by photographer Paul Wetherell, the hypnotizing beauty of Quentin shines on the cover of Les Hommes Publics as well as through the whole 14-page spread story that portrays him.

Jacques Pougnet and Trevor Wetzel

Set against a backdrop of a rural aviation apron, photographer Roberto Patella took the helm and shot an editorial that attributes contemporary artistic approach, fashion and dramatic tension to these beautiful men’s portraits. Featuring top models Jacques Pougnet and Trevor Wetzel, the story about two travelling metrosexuals elegantly unfolds in an unknown countryside somewhere around the New York’s hustle and bustle.

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Lingua: Inglese
Stagione/Numero: 10


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