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We were looking for a name that said it all, unconventional, free, altruistic, that managed to unite the artists. French Fries, we knew immediately that it was perfect, it was pop and it spoke of us who could dare to the luxury of fashion. Anti snob, but that valued snobbery by comparison to it. Collaborating directly to the artists, French Fries Magazine is giving voice to the dreamers, disruptors, trendsetters and creators who are challenging our visions.

Printed biannually, avant-garde fashion and culture magazine based in Milan, founded by current Creative Directors and Editors in Chief Alina Ferraro, Guilherme Ferrari and Margherita Pincioni in September 2018.

By speaking out for artists, disruptors, trendsetters, performers and creators, French Fries is a platform where imagination and dreams are brought to the next level. By discovering new meanings to those feelings, the magazine is also strictly connected to everything that brings excitement and passion. Starting from its very first issue, French Fries was published in the form of a printout magazine.

Its content portrays womenswear and menswear collections, trends as well as individual creative minds. French Fries Magazine attracts the brave, people with character and the new wave of designers and talents who are changing the cultural scene globally.

French Fries focuses on connecting the simple touch of Fashion with the innovation taking place on a daily basis and a new and striking approach to trends, messages and meanings the industry creates day by day. Not being afraid to raise eyebrows, the impulse of the magazine is to narrate with authenticity and passion at all levels. The more absurd the result, the more true the intentions are.

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