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#46 tourism
It is interesting how much the world of photography is connected with tourism, in other words, how much the two domains may have in common.

If we look at them through the lens of a mass phenomenon, they may even be similarly old.

And it is in this perspective that a number of controversial questions arise in all their clarity.

To what extent has tourism affected many of the coastlines and unique destinations that attract tourists?

And to what extent does photography influence our perception of the places we visit?

Those of us who live in Prague can only sigh, as many in UNESCO-listed sites do. In an age of mass tourism, a well-intentioned project to list the most important monuments has a number of pitfalls that affect or even negate the authenticity of a place.

The problems associated with tourism are all the more serious when we consider not only the contentious issue of preserving cultural heritage, but especially the responsibility for the climate emergency and the impact of mass tourism in exacerbating it. It is no wonder that alternative currents such as slow tourism, nano tourism or critical tourism are gradually emerging, defining themselves against the negative phenomena of mainstream tourism with a very limited vision of increasing the number of visitors to the sites in question.

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