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Still a good day?

In 2024, in the stayinart Bookazine - the experience space for art, culture and aesthetics - we will focus on the “Routes of Art” based on the model of legendary historical discovery and travel routes. Interdisciplinary connections to places, cultures, encounters, inspirations, attitudes to life and longings are outlined in the context of the past, present and future.

The potential of art to spread across geographical, cultural, temporal and creative boundaries without endangering the independence and diversity of cultural expressions is explored.

Beginning with "The New World," the contents of this edition reflect human curiosity for the strange and the pursuit of connection. There is no shortage of associations when it comes to the topic of the “New World” – in addition to the historically fraught discovery of America: utopias and innovative, fluid forms of society; the glimmer of hope that dwarfs current challenges; the rapid development in science and technology; the complex interaction between humans and machines; the inner journey or transformation; the exploration of the self; the transition to more sustainable lifestyles; the relationship between humans and nature; the reality of social change that includes equality, justice and democracy.

They are all discussed on the following pages in order to stimulate discussions and provide impulses.

“Still a good day” is the title of the work by Hubert Schmalix that is shown on the cover. Schmalix's landscapes are not landscape paintings, but rather "psychological portraits."

Applied to the perceived scary newness that humanity and its everyday culture are confronted with, the work refers to resilience, overcoming obstacles, reflection, forgiveness and connection. Consequently, it can still be a good day – even in a “New World”. Because it is up to us how we design them.

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