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Thirty-one years ago, in 1992, Blocnotes was born out of a need to create an art magazine that showcased the art that was hitting us in the guts: art that was committed, essen- tial, conceptual, sometimes even brutal, but always radical.

In 1998, we decided to create Crash because, feeling like the art world was too narrow, we had been begin- ning to explore electronic music. The parties we organized were an attempt to break down boundaries and take the art world out of its ghetto. We felt like free electrons, championing non-careerist art- ists and personalities with no agenda other than to create a breach in reality.

With the benefit of hindsight and having reached the fateful figure of Crash n°100, we’re tempted to look in the rear- view mirror and take stock. But as Karl Lagerfeld used to tell us, we mustn’t look back, we must live in the present and “do”, without asking questions…

Crash, like a time capsule, fixes itself in the present, whilst always trying to reinvent with each issue, just as Rei Kawakubo wipes the slate clean and starts from scratch with each collection. Perhaps that’s just what it means to be contemporary….

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