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C41 Magazine is published twice a year, presenting in each issue a spotless selection of contemporary visual contents from all over the world.

We believe there are numerous ways to tell the same story; everything you need is to change, even if slightly, the point of view.

This is the reason why even an apparently trivial topic can unveil a world of hidden meanings.

Objects are by definition things seeable and touchable without life. Objects link spaces and times, people and communities.

Objects tell of contemporaneity as of society. Objects are things attracting our interests and emotions through possession.

If you possess an object, you invest it with stories, memories, meanings giving them “a life” somehow. 

FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE: P. 14 Versace Jeans Couture, P. 30 Foresteria, P. 46 Fjura, P. 62 Peter Dreher, P. 80 Studio NOA, P. 96 Giacomo Moor, P. 114 Daniel De Paula, P. 130 Coppi Barbieri, P. 148 Flos, P. 164 MaxBrown Hotel Missori, P. 180 Nina Yashar And Andres Réisinger, P. 196 Lea Federmann, Asher Preston, Eva Failla, Maysam Ahangari, Drift N Sound, Ruben Spelta, P. 212 When Design Meets Spirituality: Aēsop,Frama, Luigi Pensa, Niko June, Samuel H. Ramírez, Via Piave 33

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 05/11
Copertina: sOFET cOVER
Lingua: Inglese
Stagione/Numero: 15
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