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ODDA is a biannual fashion and culture magazine founded by David Martin featuring both women and menswear.

The new issue Spring/Summer 2024, The Growth Journey discusses all the different forms of “Travelling” within our lifetime; how we evolve, change and mature, as well as paying homage to the world we live in, what we see, what we touch, what we smell and ideas of “time” in a sort of form that has no shape.

Our body changes; our skin changes; our way of thinking also changes… Personally, I'm a travelholic. Before I started my career in Fashion, I never thought I could be in so many different places as I am today. And again, I'm not only speaking about how much l travel to different countries–which I do a lot–but how my mind can portray my ideas and my dreams within different spaces at a time. And how I connect my emotions, as well as my empathy, with other cultures, other ideas and other points of view that I did not have before.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 02/08
Copertina: Soft Cover
Lingua: Inglese
Stagione/Numero: 26
Uscite per anno: 2


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