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MIA Le Journal delves into the notion of intimacy as a condition of unique physical and emotional closeness of human beings and its affectivity.

An independent international magazine about fashion, photography, art, music and cinema.

A semi-annual collection of interviews and photo shoots that explore people’s intimate sphere through a deep and delicate introspection that gives shape to feelings, mind games and inner conflicts.

A project born of a group of artists fiercely motivated by a common desire for creativity and the search for authenticity.

I am pleased to introduce you to the eighteenth issue of Mia Le Journal, dedicateci to the theme of authenticity in art. In this issue, we explore the concept of the SIGNA TURE as a privileged vehicle tor expressing the mark, identity, and authenticity of each artist.

The signatures of artists, a practice rooted since ancient times, take on a particular significance in today’s artistic context. The way we interpret and attribute value to these signatures can be traced back to the period of the early Renaissance, an era that marked the transformation of artistic production from a consolidateci cooperative system to a celebration of individuai creativity. A mark, in this context, becomes a fascinating path to explore reality.

There are cases where the artist, through a dedication, a specific sign, a color, or a nuance, has revealed or concealed the identity of the subject, adding an intriguing element to the appreciation of the work. Discovering such details can be a captivating experience, as it brings us closer to the intimate world of the artist and their motivations. For example, Ben Nicholson went beyond a simple signature, annotating a wide range of information on the back of his works. Not only did Nicholson sign, title, and date his boards, but he also createci detailed lists of the colors used and indicateci the addresses to which he would send his work.

A true act of artistic transparency that added value to his production. Another intriguing example is Lucio Fontana, known tor his “cuts” in Spatial Concept. On the back of his works, Fontana often added persona! observations and phrases, creating an intimate dialogue that held meaning only tor him.

For this reason, I strongly desire that this issue of Mia Le Journal be remembered as an authentic edition, where each artist will be free to express themselves as they please, as long as they leave their distinctive mark. I am excited to take you on a journey through the multiple facets of authenticity in this unique edition.


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