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Trend forecast for men’s fashion, illustrating the essential elements and silhouettes, as well as giving an overview of the key creative directions.

It includes: key general themes, mood, selected colors range and harmonies, materials, silhouettes and trimmings, and merchandising of the season.

23.1 season: 9 KEY TREND STORIES FOR 23.1

We are witnessing a new virility among Zoomers and Millennials. A world in which the traditional codes of masculinity tend to evolve and integrate with new aesthetics wide open to integration, contamination and fluidity. An evolution strongly influenced, not only by the global impact of Asian culture but also by the forays into the femininity of Chinese, Korean, Thai or Vietnamese social networks’ male stars. An influence that will certainly have repercussions on Western menswear, translated into a redefinition of gender stereotypes.

We have also identified an evolution in men's color ranges (rather focused on pale and neutral shades), in the structure of garments, even the classic ones, where functionality and versatility are going hand-in-hand with a new concept of men's style. New Asian brands will certainly add a breath of fresh air that will be acclaimed by a generation in search of a new identity, more fluid and complex, imposing a supportive, compatible, inclusive and circular fashion.

A fashion that, through the unstoppable digitization, will discover new ways of relating between brand and consumer, passing through the implementation of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, Cognitive Fashion, as well as the development of increasingly sophisticated and performing "wearable" technologies.

Textiles will also undergo an extraordinary evolution by introducing unexpected and eco-compatible fibers and bio-materials, new printing technologies, 3D or 4D knitwear. Smart fabrics will interact with humans in an effective and performing way.

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