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New inspiration book for the production of men's prints, filled with beautiful designs, colors, textiles and ideas for men's fashion from the best Italian manufacturers.

BIELLA textile trend are new trend books at the pej group for men's fashion - filled with textile samples that show the AW 2023/24 trends, within prints and colors for men's fashion, as well as lots of new inspiration and the feeling of the right men's qualities.

A super nice and different trend book for men, which is characterized by an unsurpassed production of beautiful textiles for men's fashion.

Ability to visualize your finished product in a very short time, without having to produce fabrics.

So you can instead spend the time producing the mens styles you find interesting, compelling and salable for the retail menswear stores.

A beautiful and inspiring men's trend book for new collections and designs filled with material samples from the most important Italian companies (mainly Milan, Varese and Como), representing the worldwide trends in men's fashion.

The entire book collection of textiles can be reproduced using Biella Textile Trend. Here you will be informed about the company that supplied the drug and how this can be obtained.

This incurs an additional fee. All costs are agreed according to the above specification and in relation to the size and quantity of the collection.


1) General description of the season's trends, mood and feeling for men's prints

2) Approximately 200 color samples for classic men's fashion and print designs.

3) Suggestions for trend colors for each theme. Each color with Pantone reference.

Materiale: Trendbook

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