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SS 2025

The cast of our MEN 25 report includes futurist explorers, eco-urbanists, retro adventurers, luxury voyagers, and serenity seekers, united by their shared vision for nurturing a new world—one filled with extraordinary possibilities.

In navigating both their inner and outer worlds, fashion transcends mere clothing; it becomes a reflection of our ever-evolving spirit and a testament to our collective aspirations.

SCOUT menswear colour & concept. Lifestyle trend analyses including early Colour, Trend mood boards, Styling and Accessories.

The first section COLOUR + CONCEPT confirms the 6 concepts in the report and how the 48 colours are used in our COLOUR USAGE section and then broken into each concept. We then break these down further with 2 palettes to inspire design teams.

Once advised when the report is COMPLETE log into your online account and access this report with the additional research material confirming how each of the concepts has been realised by lifestyle, styling, key silhouettes, fabrics, prints, textures and graphics.

We include an additional EDIT of the entire report with clear and commercial direction on what to back in volume and key products. Your account is complete with downloadable folders of all images used in the report accessed directly from our site, these are invaluable for style inspiration and team mood boards.

Additional colour drape packs containing the 48 colours in each report can also be purchased as an asset to an online purchase.

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Lingua: Inglese
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Stagione/Numero: SS 2025
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