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New and very exclusive edition of the A + A Trendbook Series from the Milan design studio: The "GENTLEMAN" edition, GMAN.

Where the ever-classic suit or dandy look is being pushed aside by a new aesthetic ruled by "Good Taste" and driven by liberty and freedom of self-expression.

6 Stories. More than 50 original artwork available in digital.

50 Colors for menswear divided in themes presented in color ranges, color harmonies and extra colors in metallic and wool.

From the editor: Gman 26.1

A rhythmic exploration of how the pulse of politics and the sway of economies find expression in the evershifting world of fashion.

For 26.1 our journey begins amidst the cutting-edge allure of Berlin-inspired fashion with “Too close to see clearly”, where the heartbeat of techno and the neon-lit nights collide. As we travel eastward to Siberia, “Absolute Zero” breathes life into the frozen landscapes and the resilient spirits of the Nenets people.

The professional realm unfolds in the pages of “Salary Man” mirroring the modern professional’s tango between tradition and the burgeoning hybrid landscape.

In the realm of masculinity, our exploration takes flight with “Everything, Everywhere, all at once”. Here, gender becomes a tapestry, and inclusivity is a celebration and a poetic ode to the myriad expressions of modern manhood.

“As It Was” invites us into a man’s time-traveling reverie, a symphony of 1950s nostalgia and contemporary whispers.

“A Man With No Country” unfurls a rich narrative of cultures that are interwoven, capturing the dance of identities in a kaleidoscope of hues.

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Casa Editrice: A+A
Lingua: Inglese
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Stagione/Numero: SS 2025
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