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STYLE RIGHT is a series of extensively illustrated forecast publications for different garment ranges.

The STYLE RIGHT Men's Trend Book is dedicated to designers and product developers working in the field of sporty men's wear.

On more than 100 full-colour pages you will find everything necessary for successful, market-driven and fashionable casual and sportive men's collections:

Colours (presented as original Pantone® colour chips), age group-specific garments (shirts, T-shirts, Polo-Shirts, trousers, jackets, accessories and shoes) as well as plenty of designs for print motifs, embroidery and applications.

The garment designs are provided as fashion illustrations with brief descriptions as well as professionally adapted vector line drawings.

This season A/W 22/23 Men’s editions explores 8 different themes for the menswear market.

Ski Weekend is a fun exuberant story that draws inspiration from the American ski resorts of Montana, Colorado and Vermont, fusing vintage sports looks with 80’s nostalgia.

Life on Mars we voyage into the depths of space, conducting scientific research to improve our knowledge of the universe and establish humanity as a multi-planet spices. Graphics are inspired by advances in architectural design, robotic engineering, agriculture, 3D printing…

Home Run taking inspiration from national and collegiate baseball leagues, this story takes us back to the golden era of the sport. Vintage style badges and logos and graphic take inspiration from sport style poster typography, team emblems and fun mascots.

Duke focuses on the rich and opulent life of a duke and the world in which he resides. Graphics are inspired by family crests, sumptuous baroque patterns and rich floral patterns and textures.

Heartland story focuses in the time spent outdoors, a time for reflection and to escape the fast space of everyday life whilst looking dep into nature. Graphics take inspiration from ecological habitat, botanical studies and photographic landscapes, documenting the breath taking views.

Aeronautics in the new age of aviation, the world is our oyster as airships open up the possibility of exploring new countries and achieving record setting flights. Graphics are inspired by the likes of Howard Hughes racing to break the record for around the world flights, whilst pit stopping at various countries to explore new cultures and landscapes.

Mindscape we explore the infinite potential that simulated experiences offer as a tool for entertainment, education, connectivity and the benefits that boost mental health by creating a sense of psychological presence. Graphics and prints are inspired by 3D renders, interlaced textures and distorted typography weaves.

Urban Curator story looks to the rich architectural influences of modernism, brutalism and the Bauhaus movement.


 • Royalty free prints and graphics for commercial use on all type of products

 • Commercial trend stories and each of these includes trend colour palettes

 • Trend directions with collection of themed imagery

 • Print and graphic collections created and based on the trend stories of the season

 • All editable, prints, graphics and shapes for babywear in vector formats

 • Applicable for Fashion and textile, decoration, gifts, stationary…

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