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Editable Prints, Graphics and shapes for womenswear ready and free to use.

As a working asset library that can give you everything you need.

Each and every season Style Right Womenswear brings you the design assets you need to build the perfect Design Range.

Successful, good print designs, commercial graphics and innovative shapes for all products targeting the Womenswear market.



• Royalty free prints and graphics for commercial use on all type of products

• Commercial trend stories and each of these includes trend colour palettes

• Trend directions with collection of themed imagery

• Print and graphic collections created and based on the trend stories of the season

• All editable, prints, graphics and shapes for babywear in vector formats

• Applicable for Fashion and textile, decoration, gifts, stationary…

 This season A/W 22/23 Women’s editions explores 8 different themes for the womenswear market.

First frost focuses on the transition between the fading light of autumn and the fast approach of winter. This story looks to the final harvest of the season, the collection and documentation of your finds. Graphics and prints are inspired by the wildlife, produce and scenery around you, with patchwork florals and skeleton style floral presses. Mystique this is a moody and mysterious story that looks to stately heritage and the romantic notion of a fairytale existence. Graphics are inspired by family crests, sumptuous tapestry tableau, rich floral patterns and a hint of dark magic all creating a luxury feel. Amours this story takes you on a fun whirlwind ride around Paris in autumn, with an eclectic mix of prints, textures and colours. Prints and graphics are inspired by chintz florals , rococo decoration and sketches of a chic French life with a playful twist. Awareness reflects the need to protect our environments, to support our fellow human beings and to reduce our carbon footprints with the belief that shopping local is best. Woodland escapes bring an influence of organic creativity, with mountainous and forest landscapes providing rich textural prints. Optimistic Expression evokes hygge at home and a renewed optimism for the future. We take a nostalgic nod to mid-century modern design where form met function in a time of social and artistic progress. Utilising a bright, bold, primary colour palette with a hint of cornflower blue. Mid-Century Modern art and design provides a strong print and graphic focus, acknowledging a former time of social and artistic progress. Belonging draws upon introspection, allowing a deeper connection to our soul and ancestry. Prints explore these key areas, challenging conventional, classic design forming unexpected effects and creating liberated character. Graphics incorporate mindfulness, taking us on a restorative journey to explore our roots, spiritual practices and an inter-weaving of cultures. Red Horizons In this new era of exploration, we look to mars in search of scientific evidence of life to better understand our universe and establish humanity as a multi-planet species, testing human innovation and endurance to the limits. Graphics take inspiration from advances in architectural design, robotic engineering, agriculture, 3D printing and planetary engineering. Synergy is a hyper saturated story which takes you deep within uncharted tropical realms, where nature and animal forms come together in exotic fusions. A new natural paradise glows through in this futuristic organic story. Biomimicry and microscopic inspired prints with a touch of holographic and iridescence coatings are paired with lush jungle foliage, and show how we can push the boundaries of a new reality. A wild mutation of animal prints and the creatures that live here add a fresh energy to this bright botanical trend.

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