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Textile View Magazine and View2 united in a new future!

The new VIEW combining the best of Textile View and View2 to give you a complete picture of what is going on in the changing world of fashion.
Forecasting with ethical product solution by experts from across the industry appealing to a wide audience that covers brand strategists, designers, manufacturers, retailers and many others…

Beautifully delivered, practical and inspirational information to help manufacturers and retailers design, make and sell products that the market really wants.

Researching and connecting systems by which to deliver fashion concepts in a responsible and ecological way.

Converting the new-consumer focus on re-worked, upcycled, re-worn and sustainable making into up-to-date, desirable product.

Actioning and delivering ideas in a genderless, seasonless and trans-generational manner

A dynamic, younger approach to lifestyle and marketing combined with the experienced gained in over 30 years of publishing

Not just design direction but product solutions


Professional reports on the latest developments in fibres and fabrics that will influence tomorrow

Carefully analysed catwalk reports highlighting future design messages

Concepts and sources on which to build your season

The inspiration behind and the reason why we choose what we do

VIEW’s internationally coordinated colour themes

Comprehensive overviews of the new collections by important manufacturers in the fields of yarns fabrics,accessories, buttons and trimmings

Key silhouettes and model sketchesnwith detailed descriptions.

Men’s and women’s knitwear

Men’s suitings, jacketings and shirtings

Focus points and in-depth information for the casual, athleisure, sports and denim businesses

A taste of what’s to come

Evolutions in consumer lifestyle that will be tomorrow’s world.

VIEW 135 


A/W 22/23 focuses on a reinvigorated connection to nature, localism, and escapism, with experimental futuristic visions working to support communities and elevate design. Repurposing deadstock and introducing innovative biomaterials and technologies inspired by circular models and eco-systems stimulates radical and impactful change with an open-minded attitude. Hybridised elements of performance and loungewear update casual and athleisure silhouettes, while technical advancements and creative approaches to prints and details mimic the natural and digital worlds.
Collectively, palettes have a strong but soothing undertone, with romanticised earthen tones and strong pastels played off against an all-Important base of neutrals.



The future of making
Hope radiates from different solutions on how to fix fashion’s throwaway culture, hack seasonal cycles and tackle bugs in existing systems, proposed by a range of talented and idiosyncratic designers.

The future of branding
For the past few years retail has been said to be dead, a feeling that only worsened when the pandemic hit and a lot of stores were left with no other choice than to shutter their doors.

The future view
We are in the first chapter of the rise of Generation Z – those born after 1995. Their impact will be swift and profound and the effects will ripple through the workplace, consumption and technology alike. To understand this new generation, we need to appreciate the environment in which they came of age and the forces that shaped their outlook.

Fashion A/W 22/23

Womenswear styling, fabrics, knits and accessories
We have been turned upside-down and we are ready to reveal ourselves anew and reposition those aspects of environmental responsibility, collaboration, and caring at the forefront of our agendas.

Menswear styling, colours, suitings and shirtings
The season merges the traditional with the new as heritage inspired tailoring and classic shirting silhouettes are updated with bio-materials or pre-loved fabrications. Seasons continue to become increasingly blurred as floral references and unseasonal colour accents come through to uplift palettes grounded in neutrals.

Casual & Athleisure A/W 22/23

Fabric headlines
From organic cotton to hemp, the denim industry is slowly but surely switching to more sustainable fibres. It is also very much attached to durability, a key facet of low-impact design, and keeping traditions alive with a new take on selvedge.

Casual, athleisure and denim concepts, fabrics and accessories
The synergy between humans and nature is furthered by bio-material advancements that strive to optimise performance and functionality. Understanding natural rhythms and environmental factors generate a renewed appreciation of the natural world.

Forward Matter
As the world moves back to speed mode, contradictory feelings are emerging: we desperately want to enjoy life and freedom once again, but, at the same time, we feel the need to protect and preserve that ‘suspended’ space we experienced during the pandemic. Yet, this uncomfortable duality we are experiencing right now is a new feeling that has the power to become a wake-up call to new activism, unforeseen opportunities and unexpected ideas.

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