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Textile View Magazine and View2 united in a new future!

The new VIEW combining the best of Textile View and View2 to give you a complete picture of what is going on in the changing world of fashion.
Forecasting with ethical product solution by experts from across the industry appealing to a wide audience that covers brand strategists, designers, manufacturers, retailers and many others…

Beautifully delivered, practical and inspirational information to help manufacturers and retailers design, make and sell products that the market really wants.

Researching and connecting systems by which to deliver fashion concepts in a responsible and ecological way.

Converting the new-consumer focus on re-worked, upcycled, re-worn and sustainable making into up-to-date, desirable product.

Actioning and delivering ideas in a genderless, seasonless and trans-generational manner

A dynamic, younger approach to lifestyle and marketing combined with the experienced gained in over 30 years of publishing

Not just design direction but product solutions


Professional reports on the latest developments in fibres and fabrics that will influence tomorrow

Carefully analysed catwalk reports highlighting future design messages

Concepts and sources on which to build your season

The inspiration behind and the reason why we choose what we do

VIEW’s internationally coordinated colour themes

Comprehensive overviews of the new collections by important manufacturers in the fields of yarns fabrics,accessories, buttons and trimmings

Key silhouettes and model sketchesnwith detailed descriptions.

Men’s and women’s knitwear

Men’s suitings, jacketings and shirtings

Focus points and in-depth information for the casual, athleisure, sports and denim businesses

A taste of what’s to come

Evolutions in consumer lifestyle that will be tomorrow’s world.

VIEW 136

As we look to the future, we must acknowledge that the world we inhabit is rife with contradiction. Polarisation is evident in every sector of society, and it splits the fashion domain too. There’s a clear separation between two dominant drivers each acting as an antidote to the other:
The first plays into the response to new-found freedoms. The opportunity to break free of restraints and gather once more in celebration prompts a dressing up revival and a desire to express individuality, showing off, decadent, amplification both in high style and high colour.
The other has a gentle more reflective quality that upholds human and community values and puts the care of our planet before oneself. Clothing with integrity is paramount and each product has a visible production process from fibre, through to dying and manufacture, and even building-in the onward life of the materials once the garments life is complete.
A universal thread that runs through both aesthetics is environmental concerns. Going back is just not possible. The workings of our industry are, quite rightly, under great scrutiny and sustainable solutions are being tried and tested at every point in the chain. From the resources we use, the production processes and ethics through to the way we consume. Post pandemic life is evolving in a hybrid way. Blended work sees us splitting our time between the office and our home. We have learnt to value things in our own neighbourhoods, whilst at the same time hankering for escape into new territory once more. Quieter calm pursuits have entered our day to day whilst we also crave the excitement and surprise of being in noisy crowds. The fashion offer now is diverse. It needs to be to satisfy both sides.

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