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Trends Basic Research is the result of research into toy design trends carried out by NEXUS Design Centre. 

The methodology used in the study consisted mainly of observation carried out in the field; that is, in a number of international toy fairs such as the Nürnberg Toy Fair, Kind + Jugend in Cologne, the Salone del Mobile di Milano and Fuorisalone, focusing in particular on developments in different specialised and emblematic points of sale in the toy and children’s sector and in the fashion and habitat sector. 
Updates in on-line information channels and products susceptible to trends were also taken into account.
The research concludes with the description of nine new trends that have been identified by the researchers at NEXUS Design Centre, and which illustrate the contemporary panorama in the toy sector. These nine trends have further been classified into three broader areas: Kids Trends Basic Research, Kids Trends Book and Kids Trends Conference.
The Kids Trends Basic Research book contains the principal findings of the study as well as the reflections and interpretations of the research team at NEXUS Design Centre. The trends are presented and discussed in depth, design studios, companies and real product cases are analysed and the texts are fully illustrated.
The Kids Trends Book is a book of inspiration that feeds on eloquent images and a colour palette for each trend.
A brief reflection on what the trend is and where it might be leading accompanies each trend environment.
The last broadcast format of this research in trends is through the Kids Trend Conference. In this format is pretended to inform, in a brief way, about the research to be seen on screen.
A conceived format for its presentation in informative activities, where the established trends are given to know.

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