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Trendhouse ‘Youth’ is one of the most relevant trend reports on the market today – unique in the way it looks at lifestyle aspiration and design through the eyes of Gen Z consumers themselves rather than imposed from above.

After a general overview, the report is constructed around five, core, up-to-the-minute themes. Each theme is broken down accordingly:

  • Synopsis: introducing the theme and highlighting the reason why this story is so important.
  • Influences: lifestyle trends and news pieces that support and inspire our story.
  • Look & Feel: images to set the visual tone and design foundation of the look.
  • Colour & Colour Combinations: the core palettes for each story. Colour combinations are then featured within the product categories that follow.
  • Materials & Textures: the look and feel of textiles and base materials around which to build your story.
  • The Looks: our overview of how our design philosophies can be built through into fashion looks.

The Trendhouse Youth report is the master guide for anyone seeking a design and marketing strategy across all consumer industries that is truly relevant to this highly independent, powerful and influential generation.

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