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SHOES MASTER is a shoes and sneaker magazine.

Every issue through our networks in the industry, we feature the best articles and information about the latest new models. Since we started out in 2004, we have been releasing issues twice a year in spring and autumn.

In March 2009, we published the first book in a series called “Sneaker Tokyo”.

Each edition of the book features an in-depth look at brands and the people that surround the brands.

Southeast Asia's Sneaker Fever Part 1: Indonesia/Thailand
Southeast Asian countries continue to enjoy remarkable economic growth. In recent years, street culture centred on fashion has been on the rise, and sneaker fever is also rising rapidly. What kind of trainers are being supported locally? With sneaker culture in Japan, Europe and the US reaching maturity and the market saturated, what direction will Southeast Asian culture and the market take in the future? In this first part of a two-part series, we take a look at Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand.
Why is ATMOS focusing on Southeast Asia? / Southeast Asian sneaker freaks / Pioneers driving Southeast Asian trainer culture / Sneaker culture past and present, from key local figures.

'Sneaker culture in South Korea today'
According to Kojima Fubun of ATMOS, "It is no exaggeration to say that the street scene in South Korea is now as active as in Japan, and a unique culture is being established. To find out what is really going on, we went there with Kojima. In order to find out, Kojima and his team went there to interview the creators and shop owners who are leading sneaker culture in South Korea, as well as sneaker freaks who own huge collections of sneakers.

What does it mean to own a pair of trainers nowadays?
As online services evolve, the meaning of 'ownership' is changing. Sneakers are no different. All kinds of trainers, whether rare and hard-to-find or vintage with historical value, can now be found on the internet. If you want to (and if you pay for it), you can always have them at your fingertips. What does it mean to "own a pair of trainers" nowadays? Where does the motivation to keep them with you come from? In this interview project, we ask people from all walks of life who love trainers about the meaning of "owning trainers" once again.
Hiroshi Fujiwara / Hidefumi Motomei / Jason Mark / Katsushige Kamamoto / Manabu Tsuyoshi / Motoshi "POGGY" Ogi / Kenji Yamamoto / Yusuke Takei

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