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This trend service bundle for professionals provides a selective analysis of the Designer Shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris, compiled according to future minded design criteria.

Based on the knowledge about the trends of tomorrow, distinctive fashion features are summarized in significant picture sequences serving as reservoir of ideas for new collections in the upcoming seasons.

The focus is on a complex appreciation of fashion. Not only colors, materials, surfaces, patterns, silhouettes and styling are covered but also all the other components which make up a fashionable expression: All clothing ranges as well as accessories like bags, shoes, belts, scarves, hats, caps and much more.

The extensive survey of design ideas leads into a summary of the most important fashion aspects, the Must Haves of the upcoming seasons.


-More then 770 professional photos from all the important and fashion-relevant designer shows

-First class image quality with large formats and high color fidelity

-Short but concise comments about the actual fashion criteria

-Selection and compilation of the image sequences by fashion experts adapted at market and industry

-The overall fashion essence of all new designer collections

-Comprehensive pool of ideas for the individual compilation of own collection attributes

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