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A+A Home Interior Trends prevede le tendenze che rientrano nella sfera della decorazione della casa e interior design attraverso 7 esaustivi temi.

Ogni tema, oltre ad un collage introduttivo, contiene alcune idee d'ispirazione su come, colori e materiali, possono essere applicati ai vari prodotti di progettazione esistenti all'interno della casa e un serie di "sample" di materiale.



We cannot emphasize more that our world is trying to find new solutions for the leftovers of this planet. As they say " from the bin to center stage", by-products of food, textile, and other industrial waste is finding new life in innovative and desirable products reinforcing more and more the need for a circular economy.


Interiors are focusing more and more on natural fabrics, from Jute and banana to bark pineapple, hemp, and nettle. These fibers feel real and give us a sense of really living in nature and its cyclability, giving the design a more humble and sincere aspect. Vegetation still continues to invade our homes but it becomes more sophisticated.

We are still searching for raw, free, unique, mismatched or almost unfinished pieces, where design is guided by the inherent personality of the materials while part of the creative process is left to chance. Each piece must feel unique thanks to its imperfections.


a key trend that is finding a stronger ground in Interiors is the Nordic Influence. Leaders in innovation and recycling revolution, we are inspired by their culture, environment, and design. A balance between strength and delicateness harnessed from the pre-medieval folklore, crafts, and patterns revealing a different facet of Scandinavia other than the well-known 50's minimalism.


A mix of high-end flea market inspiration focused on poetic, fairytale objects and a lot of animals from children's' books. Jacquards are inspired by the fabrics of 50's chairs decorated with both geometric deco or floral patterns. The countryside is still an influencer thanks to its rustic and authentic nature with vintage textiles that meet noble, natural materials.


Borrowing from SKULLY and ROTHKO, rhythmical and colored abstracts, behaving like neon lights taken out of a DAN FLAVIN artwork. Colors are vivid and monochromatic, taking over spaces and large objects.


Art Deco seems to be a style worthy of a comeback characterized by bold geometric forms, bright colors and rich materials. A trend that is dominating the luxury ( and not only ) interior design market thanks to its elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. From restored and reinvented furniture pieces, finished in modern patterns and colors, to spaces and ambiances that evoke the grandeur of the art deco movement, the patterns are neither classic nor completely floral. Geometrics take over with a sophisticated color palette.

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