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Trend information made applicable to interior and more market sectors.

Mix magazine is the leading design journal for interior, architecture and industrial design.

It is structured into 6 sections and addendum:

- Observer featuring news on people, brands, ceramics, concepts, shows, furniture, architecture, technology, retail, colour, cars, trends, materials, soft furnishings, kitchens, bathrooms, surface treatments, lighting and other topics
-Exhibitions providing a forward look at the international show circuit
-Stories introducing specialized articles and interviews with designers and forward thinkers from all over the world
-Trends providing insight into the main trend directions within the next seasons, including colour palettes and exclusive imagery as well as new approaches to trends by students from leading design schools
-Materials providing the latest information on preferred material types and new material developments
-Industry & Technology compiling anything of special interest and innovative character for the fields of product and interior design, architecture, lighting, graphics …

Mix magazine provides you with cutting-edge photo illustrations, high-end layout and graphic design, as well as professional comments and plenty of internet links for more in-depth research on brands, products, designers and all the other things covered in the magazine.

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