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Athleisure and casualwear has been a game-changer for the fashion industry.

A 'super trend', it has dominated the global apparel market and touched many categories, from beauty to travel.

Fuelled by the rise of wellness and a move to healthier, active lifestyles, athleisure has seen the sportswear market grow 42% in the last eight years. Now valued globally at $270bn dollars, athleisure has steadily stolen market share from non-athletic apparel as more people choose a more sports influenced style, whether working out or not.

The deign ethos is “can it make life better” Easier, comfortable, flexable, stylish, all key watch words for this market sector.

Ath leisure and casual wear markets continue to grow and evolve. New generations of consumers require a lot more versatility and functionality from there wardrobes. Garments have to be multi purpose and allow ease and luxurious comfort all at the same time.

With much expectation from everyday garments brands and designers, they have to ensure that every last detail, fabrication and design is meticulously considered and thought through.

Its here to stay and is a lifestyle not a style trend.

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