Indietro  Fashion. Business. Spirituality: A Call to the Light Workers of the Fashion Industry

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This is a call to the light workers of the fashion industry.

Maybe you are like me, a fool in love with fashion.

At first, fashion is a dream, filled with fabrics, colors, sketches, clothes, and glamorous events.

But very soon, you realize that fashion is demanding. There are projects to complete inimpossible situations, tight deadlines, sleepless nights, people harshly judging your creativity, egos who seem to care only about themselves.

Was this really the fashion career you fell in love with?

There is surely a better way. What if you could live and work in the fashion industry, with a sense of peace, calm, and feeling centered?

This book speaks to the fashion industry, but this book is not about collections,
trends, or seasons.

The message of this book centers around the human aspect of the industry, the awareness of the self, and the spirituality and self-development that comes with it.

This book is about you, the designer and fashion worker in the midst of the fashion
world—your passions, struggles, dreams, decisions, and actions.

When you can design and work from a place of feeling centered within yourself, you will be a light to everyone around you.

You will dress the world in light.


Farah Liz Pallaro is a fashion consultant, currently based in Italy.

Her background in law, fashion design and management, mentoring, and systemic business management. 

Since 2004, Farah has worked with some of the largest fashion brands in the industry and taught at seven international fashion schools.

She now focuses her time on helping fashion students grow into incredible designers and helping fashion companies grow into impactful brands.

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