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About Designing Your Fashion Portfolio
For the fashion designer seeking employment, a well-prepared portfolio is an essential marketing tool.

Designing Your Fashion Portfolio: From Concept to Presentation uses the design process to guide students through conceptualization and assembly of a fashion design portfolio that will communicate their talents and vision as designers.

The richly illustrated text helps students assemble their work and organize it into a compelling story of their artistic talents and market savvy.

In the process, students learn to evaluate their skills and identify their interests so that they can focus on building collections for their chosen target markets. The author's fashion design portfolio system enables designers to tailor their portfolios for each client throughout their careers.

Table of contents
Introduction to Portfolio Building for Fashion Designers
The Idea Storage Bank
Entering the Market with Professional Flair
Focused Portfolios
Specialized Portfolios: Diverse Market Segments
Successful Line Building From
A to Z: The Portfolio Project
Building on the Portfolio Project
The Digital and Web-Based Portfolio
Interview Insights

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