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Shaping the body through clothing has played an important part in the evolution of fashion for hundreds of years.

In Europe specifically, changes in fashion have always aligned with the changes to the cuts of clothing and the outline of the human body.

The Bavarian National Museum in Munich, known as one of the most important museums of decorative arts, hosted an international conference to showcase the undergarments that have shaped fashionable silhouettes from the middle ages to the twenty-first century.

Structuring Fashion is the culmination of this conference and the presentation of the extremely rare, world-famous pair of silk bodies worn by Countess Palatine Dorothea Sabina around 1598 that was highlighted at the event.

This volume highlights the narrow waists that were achieved by laced bodices and corsets, and the intricate detailing of hoop and crinoline petticoats with 120 rich illustrations of original items.

The images are accompanied by insightful essays that chronicle the history behind the clothing.


Frank Matthias Kammel is director-general of the Bavarian National Museum. His previous work includes Germanisches Nationalmuseum: Guide to the Collections.

Johannes Pietsch currently serves as the curator at the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in Munich. His most recent works are Patterns of Fashion 5 and Chic! Fashion In the 17th century.

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