Indietro  Fashion Details: a historical sourcebook : featuring the classic artworks of Friedrich Hottenroth & Auguste Racinet

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A historical sourcebook Combining the works of the classic nineteenth-century illustrators Auguste Racinet and Friedrich Hottenroth with an authoritative modern text, this book is a study of the rich vocabulary of style through the ages.

Subjects are presented first by chronology and then by subject, so that illustrators, historians and students alike can choose to follow the development of fashion through the centuries, or study individual styles, items and accessories.

*A comprehensive visual study of the rich vocabulary of clothing and style through the ages, Fashion Details is an essential resource for costume designers, historians, actors, directors - anyone with an interest in fashion.

*This invaluable sourcebook includes authoritative narrative from leading experts in the history of costume, contemporary quotes that reveal the impact of styles in their day, detailed annotation and an extensive glossary.

*From the Ancient World through to nineteenth century Europe, by way of Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas, this journey through historical costume is elegantly illustrated with images drawn from a variety of sources.

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Casa Editrice: Ivy Press
Lingua: Inglese
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