Indietro  9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion by Nancy Riegelman

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9 Heads 4°edition

This new edition of 9 Heads has been completely revised to bring all the fashion garments and details up-to- date.

Numerous new drawings of street wear, active wear, bridal wear, swim wear and lingerie have been added.

Breakdown drawings are shown for an even wider selection of garments and new croquis are included in a variety of poses reflecting contemporary attitudes and stances.

New dedicated chapters cover the topics of composition – how best to group together figures when illustrating a line of garments; concept drawings – developing the skills necessary to make quick studies or to jot down ideas when creating a new clothing line and Using Photoshop – a review of how Photoshop can be used to enhance and extend the drawing techniques the book teaches.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2012
Casa Editrice: 9HM
Lingua: Inglese
Pagine: 560


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