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A visual goldmine for designers of original print, weave and embellishment, Sourcing Ideas for Textile Design will help you generate new ideas, develop them methodically and finally create beautifully designed textiles.

The carefully selected range of images illustrate how to use visual information in this process from a variety of sources, breaking down the process into key themes – colour, surface, structure, texture and pattern.

This second edition includes:
· case studies and interviews with insight into visual research and development from revered practising designers, including Dries Van Noten and Reiko Sudo;
· Spotlight sections offer historical or cultural perspectives on each point in the process; and,
· new coverage of material investigation, colour analysis, presentation and curation, as well as advice on IP and copyright.

You'll also be guided through the three stages of textile design where you will:
· generate your idea;
· work to develop it; and,
· create your developed idea in the studio.

By engaging with this approach, and exploring new ways of seeing ordinary things through the key themes, you'll learn to create incredible effects in your textile design.

Table of contents

1. What is Textile Design?
2. The Textile Design Process
3. Develop through Material Investigation
4. Colour
5. Creating Textile Outcomes


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