Indietro  Fashion Patternmaking Techniques - Haute Couture (vol. 2): Creative Darts, Draping, Frills and Flounces, Collars, Necklines and Sleeves, Trousers and Skirts

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High fashion unquestionably goes hand-in-hand with sartorial and stylistic perfection.

A driving force behind the entire fashion and garment industry, it represents the search for new solutions concerning fabrics, style or patterns.

In this context, the patternmaker is an essential figure who makes the stylist’s ideas a reality.

In our richly illustrated new volume from the Fashion Patternmaking series, the prolific author Antonio Donnanno, the director of a network of fashion schools and a patternmaking teacher who comes from a long line of tailors, describes the methods and techniques used in high-fashion for making drapes, frills and flounces, collars, necklines and sleeves, and high-fashion trousers and skirts in a detailed, understandable and step-by-step way.

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Casa Editrice: PROMOPRESS
Lingua: Inglese
Mese di Uscita: 2021
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