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Take up your all-access pass to one of the most dynamic areas of the international fashion industry.

Lavishly illustrated and packed with industry insights, The Fashion Show is the must-have guide to showing off a collection.

You will learn about:

The context of the fashion show and its significance for brands, designers, journalists and others working in the fashion industry;
How a fashion show is produced, everything from agreeing a vision to casting the models to setting up backstage;
What happens on show day, and how to use the impact of your show.

Future fashion designers, fashion marketers, fashion managers, fashion PRs – and creative practitioners looking to learn more about this fascinating part of the industry, you are cordially invited to join Gill Stark in the front row of The Fashion Show.

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Casa Editrice: Bloomsbury
Lingua: Inglese
Mese di Uscita: 2018
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