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In a fast-moving global industry, how can anyone know what the next trend will be?

Fashion Trends: Analysis and Forecasting offers a clear pathway into the theory and practice of forecasting fashion, using professional case studies to demonstrate each technique and concept.

This revised edition includes an updated model of the fashion trend analysis and forecasting process and expanded coverage of social media, digital influencers, sustainability and social responsibility.

There are also first-hand visual materials relating to forecasts from leading firms.

With the rise of individualism and concern for the sustainable world, the authors also walk you through the 'end of fashion' and what comes next, including: recycled and upcycled fashion, garment rental, subscription services, the circular economy, transparency and traceability, and the role of forecasting in encouraging sustainable lifestyles.

Key topics

– The characteristics of an innovation
– The influence of consumer groups
– Long- and short-term fashion forecasting
– Sociocultural factors and their influence on trends
– Fashion professionals' roles in creating and supporting trends
– Consumer and industry trends accelerating product innovation and diffusion
– Changing trend forecasting formats
– The influence of trend forecasting on business decisions

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