Indietro  Patternmaking for Womenswear vol.2: Constructing Base Patterns - Bodices, Sleeves and Collars


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Developed by fashion designer and teacher Dominique Pellen, the patternmaking method introduced in this book is explained in a simple, clear, precise, highly detailed way, covering all the information necessary for creating different bodices, sleeves and collars for womenswear.

This book contains the ideal method for creating base patterns to tailor bodices, sleeves and collars to different contemporary styles and modern designs.

It covers the information necessary for drafting flat patterns for nearly every form there is in a progressive way in terms of difficulty and can easily be adapted to all skill levels.

Developed by fashion designer and teacher Dominique Pellen after countless years of experience in the studio and in the classroom, the method for the creation and adaptation of flat patterns shown here is suitable for a wide audience, including professionals, students and basically anyone who loves to sew.

This expanded and updated volume on bodices, sleeves and collars is the second in a series of womenswear guides that will explore the exciting world of garment-making, a gateway designed to help fashion design students and sewing lovers understand and design patterns on their own.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2022
Casa Editrice: Hoaki
Lingua: Inglese
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