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Textiles and Fashion explores the integration of textile design with fashion, showing the many ways designers use fibre, fabric construction and surface treatments within a garment and on the body.

It begins with a brief history of textiles in fashion, showing the links with technical innovation and social developments. You'll then briefly learn about the processes of textile design, including ethical and environmental considerations, as well as fibre production, dyeing and finishin techniques, before moving on to making the most of different surface treatments and the ways in which colour and trend influence fashion and textiles.

This 3rd edition includes updated coverage of emerging technologies, including smart textiles and 3D printing, and interviews with fashion designers to offer insight into how they use textiles in their work.

Overall, this is the ideal introduction to using textiles within a fashion context.

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Anno/Mese di Uscita: 2023
Casa Editrice: BLOOMSBURY
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