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This is the English translation of the super-popular home sewing book Drape Drape (which as of now has become a 3-book series) that was originally published in Japan by Bunka Publishing. I own this edition, and am familiar with the original Japanese edition. I loved the original Japanese edition, but I feel that a bit of the quality of this book was lost in translation.

The patterns are provided in 4 sizes, ranging from bust size 78cm (30.5 inches) to 90cm (35.5 inches), which roughly correspond to US pattern sizes 6 to 12. Thus, if you usually take pattern sizes bigger than 12, you might not want to get this book unless you know how to resize patterns. The designs in this book are probably the most fashion-forward that you will find in any sewing book (outside of the Pattern Magic series).

There are 9 dresses, 8 tops, and 2 pants, mostly designed to be constructed with jersey, some with voile or georgette. These are some of my favorite designs out of all the books and patterns I own, and I am looking forward to making many of them. All the designs are of a certain modern, minimalist style that may not appeal to everyone; but if you are a big fan of brands like Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, and Phillip Lim, then this book is perfect for your style

As for construction, I would say most designs are of moderate difficulty. There's nothing objectively complicated about any of the steps, but you should probably be comfortable with working with soft, drapey fabrics, which have to be handled delicately to not get warped during construction. Most of the designs use large pattern pieces (some of the dresses are constructed using a single continuous piece) which tend to be more of a hassle to cut out of the soft stretchy materials that are required for these designs

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