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Lightning Magazine vol.180.

Japanese magazine Lightning latest issue is called All About Vintage Denim. The vintage denim scene is very big in Japan.

The rumors goes that around 70% of all the vintage denim items are in Japan. Most of the important pieces are in hands of collectors, or shop owners.

The magazines from Lightning are perfect reference denim bibles to get more knowledge about vintage denim.

As most issues are mostly written in Japanese language you can get more knowledge thru the pictures. Sometimes pictures says more than thousand words, remember?

Most of the time the era from the items are also included at the pictures, so you can determine the production period of your beloved vintage item.

The new Lightning issue Vol. 180 is dedicated again to vintage denim. The core brands in this issue are Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler. But also other important and interesting brands as Pay Day, Big Mac, Ox Hide, Foremost, Pioneer, Powrhouse, Roebucks, Big Smith, Boss of the Road, etc. are included.

Through 161 full colour pages you can dive into the history of American denim. A must have for everyone with interest in vintage denim.

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Casa Editrice: LIGHTNING
Lingua: giapponese
Pagine: 161


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