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Perfume presentations and flacons were originally designed to provide each perfume with a distinctive and appealing identity. However, years later they have achieved deserved recognition as art objects.

The perfume industry has employed great artists and artisans to create many masterpieces. In this book, Christie Mayer Lefkowith presents a comprehensive photographic and historical review of over 150 years of creativity, showing almost 1,300 objects produced for the perfume industry during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This work documents the contribution and influence of many artists and industry innovators such as Rene Lalique, Paul Poiret and Julian Viard.

It reports on the key role of many glassworks and crystalworks, such as Baccarat, Brosse, Depinoix and Lalique. The book outlines how perfume presentations related to La Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau, Classicism, Orientalism, Art Deco, Modernism, and the Romantic styles. It also describes the social and historical context for the creation of these masterpieces.

This book will prove a crucial addition to the libraries of all collectors, of members of the perfume and design industries, and of all those who can appreciate the visual appeal of these imaginatively conceived and beautifully produced masterpieces.

About the Author

Christie Mayer Lefkowith, historian, author and auction expert, is the leading authority on vintage presentations and flacons made forthe perfume industry. She has given lectures at industry events and at many major museums, including the Smithsonian Institute, the Corning Museum of Glass and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design. Christie Mayer organises and is the auction expert for annual auctions of perfume presentations held in Geneva and her auction catalogues have become collectors' items for their valuable information and photographs. She is also the Vice President and Trustee for the Fragrance Foundation Museum

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