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Written by Hubert Le Gall, Text by Dany Sautot, Photographed by Pascaline Noack, Foreword by Patt Morrison.

Discover the dreamlike vision of 3 Hubert Le Gall, as reflected in an exceptional collection of his works in this new, limited-edition volume.

Contemporary artist Hubert Le Gall draws upon numerous historical sources of inspiration for his sculptures and decorative art--from Pompeian relics, to eighteenth-century furnishings, to Pop Art--and these diverse sources culminate in works that are firmly rooted in the present.

This monograph is a curation of Le Gall's work by Pamela Mullin, one of his most devoted collectors; the selected works reflect their shared passion for joyful yet offbeat creations, photographed primarily in situ in a spectacular seventeenth-century manor in Normandy.

About The Author
Hubert Le Gall is a contemporary French sculptor and furniture designer; his work is exhibited in galleries around the world.

Pascaline Noack, photographer, has covered the Comédie Française and the Opéra de Paris and contributed to works on decorative arts and gardens.

Patt Morrison is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, and a multi-award winning fiction and non-fiction author, journalist, and radio-television presenter based in California.

Dany Sautot, author and curator specialized in decorative arts and the history of landscapes and gardens, has published several exhibition catalogues, including Baccarat, René Lalique, and 1925.

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