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OMNIPRESENT| BEYOND BORDERS is in love with the treasures of the earth: sand, soil, salt and stones.

An intriguing dialog between images captured from a drone and close-up shots.

A limited full bleed independent publication.

From the Author:

"Heart for the earth, the art of being" was the initial working title of this book.

The creative process began with a desire to touch ground in a world that is transforming exponentially.

A need to reflect on the essence of being human on earth while we abuse, destroy, and pollute the planet for our personal good(s).

I traveled to distant and nearby places.

Soaring above the wondrous world, the earth showed me her brillance.

I discovered it is not our planet that needs help, but we do.

This book invites you to take off and fly with me above the earth.

It is an ode to the mother of all earthy matters.
Vulnerable and powerful at the same time. it is also a homecoming with a tender embrace.

She invites us to slow down and listen to her ancient wisdom.

She is patience and generous.

She is beyond borders and ominipresent.

She is we and we are one.

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