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Balgo: New Directions explores the work of Aboriginal artists from the Balgo Hills - considered by many to be the most innovative and daring painters working in the Central and Western Australian desert today.

Balgo art is characterised by the use of vivid colour and bold, graphic imagery. Combining innovative design, lavish reproductions, and a careful attention to detail, Balgo: New Directions remarkably portrays the intensity of these unique paintings.

Senior members of the Balgo community began painting on artboard and canvas in the 1980s, partly in order to educate the younger generation in the Dreaming traditions and tribal law. An art co-ordinator was later appointed and the artists began to attract the attention of the international art world.

Some, such as Eubena Nampitjin, exhibit worldwide and have been included in shows with other contemporary artists - in the UK most recently at the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford.

James Cowan managed the art centre at Balgo Hills and his knowledge of the art and the artists is extensive. His essays in Balgo: New Directions document the Balgo art movement and describe the changes in community life and the art itself. Occasional personal observations provide a rare insight into a world which straddles centuries of tradition with today's contemporary art world.

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