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Schuhdesign im Wandel the German Leather Museum in Offenbach am Main shows outstanding designs from its shoe collection of over 10,000 objects: high heels and sneakers, slippers and fetish boots prove how shoes mirror culture.

They show style and health awareness, consolidate status, express fashion sense or are political statements.

The combination of historical exhibits from all over the world and current models results in spectacular couples that emphasize timeless concepts and varying tastes.

Using 2,000 year old slippers from Egypt, Iranian riding boots from the 17th century or Italian designer shoes, the authors explain how shoes became what they are today.

Where does the flip flop come from? How did the heel develop and how long have left and right shoes existed? These questions are answered in Step by Step: Schuhdesign im Wandel.

Selected Designers: Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Beth Levine, Christian Louboutin, François Pinet, Alexander McQueen, Mary Quant, Roger Vivier, Vivienne Westwood

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Casa Editrice: Arnoldsche
Lingua: Tedesco
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