Indietro  Mario Testino. Ciao. Omaggio all'Italia.

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Mario Testino is the maker behind many of the world’s greatest brands. He’s well known for creating the most iconic imagery and portraits of our times.

Throughout his four decades career, Testino has been on a journey beyond the world of fashion capturing earth’s traditions and cultures with unparalleled access and an extraordinarely unique point of view.
Italy has featured heavily in his life and images and now with his new book, Ciao, Testino pays homage to the country, and it’s culture.

The book was conceptualized around three sections: IN GIRO presents Mario’s curious eyes around Italy; ALLA MODA introduces fashion as the exclusive side of the country; AL MARE concludes the book and celebrates the Italian seaside as the worlds favourite holiday destination.

Venezia, Roma, Napoli, Firenze. This is Italy through the eyes of Testino and this is Testino as we’ve never seen before. Gathering personal, previously unpublished photographs, this is an ode to Italy’s people, art, food, and fashion. By the sea and on the streets, from Torino to Montepulciano, discover an intimate portrait of the Italy that Mario Testino knows and loves.

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