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This book is part of the popular Textile Handbook series and is a complete how-to-do-it guide to obtaining a wide range of colours from natural dyes.

It is suitable for the beginner as well as for the more experienced textile artist.

The dyeing can be done in the home or the classroom with plants from the garden or bought in a  local store.

It is a comparatively cheap process that will also satisfy the craft person's desire to use 'green' methods in their work.

Most books on natural dyes only deal with wool for weaving.

This book will also cover yarns for embroidery.

The book will be filled with step-by-step sequences, useful tips and the author's own work to show the amazing variety of colours that can be achieved by using natural materials.

All in all, this is a comprehensive guide to using natural dyes that will also be an inspiration to all who want to explore the use of these dyes in imaginative ways.

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Casa Editrice: Herbert Press
Lingua: Inglese
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